The culture of Ireland includes customs and traditions, language, music, art, literature, folklore, cuisine and sports associated with Ireland and the Irish people. For most of its recorded history, Ireland’s culture has been primarily Gaelic. On our tours we like to immerse you in local culture so you can experience it for yourself.


Kerry and West Cork are steeped in history dating back 6,000 years. Check out the individual tours to learn about the history you will come across while out on your bike.


Each tour proudly depicts the area’s rich ancient past, highlighting nearby attractions like unique local architecture. There is no other landscape in Western Europe with the density and variety of archaeological monuments and each tour is a heritage trail that we are only too happy to share with you.


Tours take cyclists through areas where the Irish language (Gaeilge or Gaelainn) is widely spoken on a daily basis, with some of our guides being native speakers themselves.

Local Guides

All our guides are local Irish people who live and work in Kerry, Ireland. Their deep knowledge of the local landscape, make each trip unique with local insight and the essential Irish ability to tell a story.